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(60 E 3rd St (below Jammyland), New York, NY)

So this weekend although I was feeling pretty ill I found myself in the East Village wondering and exploring record stores. Physically I was beat from being sick, and helping fiends move all day, but that didn’t stop me from giving my mind the meditative power of record shopping. I ended up going into five record stores in about two hours. Some I had never been in (Good records, and Academy in the Village), and others that I frequent.

Hospital Productions is a noise/black metal record store in the East Village. This is not the easiest place to find, although there is a sign hanging outside the building. You first have to enter Jammyland (which is on 3rd between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave), walk to the back of the store, and then climb down a ladder into Hospital Productions. The store itself is very small, but with lots of music packed into it. One wall is all records, another almost exclusively tapes, a third CDs, and the fourth is where the cash register/computer lives. For the most part the room is decorated with shelves housing the music, and if I can remember correctly some defunct musical instruments and art on the walls. Although this was not my first time in the store (I had been in once or twice before, because of my love for Jammyland (which will be saved for another review), as well as experimental music), but this time the man working there was really helpful (and a good salesman). Once down the ladder I was greeted, and told if I needed help finding anything to let him know. This was the one time that I actually did have a couple of things in mind (I was looking for the new Team Robespierre(not noise or black metal, but I had seen one of their other releases in the store before), and the Yellow Swans w/ Burning Star Core collaboration.

Although they didn’t have either of these releases I quickly found myself engaged in conversation, and in a matter of minutes I was swimming in LPs. I have to admit while I do enjoy noise music, I am by no means an expert. Most of my experience comes from going to No Future Fest (which is the little sister of No Fun Fest) back in the summer of 2006. I was asked what I liked (Can’t and Xome), and like any good record store clerk he put five records in my hands. I was seduced very quickly but I had to back off, and I asked if he minded if I wrote down some names to do a little research (some of the recommended titles included Burning Star Core, Prurient, Leslie Keffer, and Kites). I made a little list and will most definitely be headed back to purchase some LPs (and maybe find that Yellow Swans/Buring Star Core collaboration), and I can only hope to run into the same clerk. You might find some of the same titles in Kim’s or Other Music, but what you won’t get is the service that I got from Hospital Productions.


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