Tretorn Skerry Vintner Wellies


The weather in New York can be quite disgusting. Today, it’s warm-ish and mucky outside, due to yesterday’s frigid snowfall and today’s luke warm rain. The streets and sidewalks are covered with a mix of melting ice, muddy puddles, and slushy goo…not to mention the various animal droppings that the elements are hiding. This brings me to the subject of my review: Tretorn Skerry Vintner Wellies.

These babies are perfect for catastrophic city weather. The tread on the bottom of the molded rubber boots ensure traction, so you aren’t likely to fall on your ass. The inside of the rain boots (including the feet) are lined with synthetic fur, so your toes stay nice and toasty. I even wear these shoes when it’s just cold and not rainy/snowing outside, because they keep my tootsies so warm!

I only have a couple of complaints. First, I wish the height of the boot was just slightly taller. They don’t quite cover my calves when I wear 3/4 length leggings and if it’s really wet outside, I get backsplash on the back of my legs. Maybe Tretorn should start selling mudflaps. Also, and this might be because I have ridiculously arched feet, the foot seems a bit tight, so if I wear them all day, the tops of my feet get a little bit achy.

All in all, I highly recommend these rain boots. The design is simple and elegant; I much prefer the matte black/green/white to leopard print or magenta. Also, they don’t look cheap, and they aren’t. They cost $60 (the posted photo’s pricing is wrong), but I think that was the best $60 that I spent last year.


2 Responses to “Tretorn Skerry Vintner Wellies”

  1. i have the same ones! except they are bright yellow and aren’t lined (which is kind of okay cause it’s not too cold here in san fran). my arched feet feel the same way. but all in all, they are great!

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