Little Destroyers…

PhotobucketSaturday the 17th, I had an opportunity to check out Hello, Blue Roses at Glasslands Gallery. I am a fan of the space. It’s the perfect venue for a more intimate show, with standing room for about 250 people. GG is dimly lit, but colored bulbs allow great people watching, even from the balcony that probably only holds about 30 people. The walls are smattered with high school caliber art and rolls of lanyard are haphazardly strung from the ceiling. Random items are bolted into the wall, including a tricycle and a glass case of sea shells and brassieres. GG has the feel of an artist’s loft space that has been renovated to showcase the art of friends/residents. Perhaps, those are the origins of Glasslands Gallery.

I wish that I could say that I enjoyed Hello, Blue Roses’ performance as much I did Glasslands Gallery’s ambience. Dan Bejar was wonderful as usual, but I couldn’t really appreciate Sydney Vermont’s voice. Her tone reminded me of middle school chorus. She’s the nasally soprano who can hit all the notes, but it just doesn’t sound pretty. HBR could have also benefited from another 6 months of practice. It isn’t fair to your audience to stop and start a song 5 times. But, maybe I’m being harsh. After all, Vermont is PREGGERS!


Yes, that’s right. Bejar went and knocked up his sweetheart. Here’s hoping that little destroyers will one day rule the earth.


3 Responses to “Little Destroyers…”

  1. here’s to hoping that one day quotes will be properly attributed to their authors ;-)

  2. oh, snap!

  3. h ahahahahahaaa

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