Brooklyn Brewery Happy Hour

Brooklyn Brewery
79 North Eleventh Street
Brooklyn, New York

Am I at a frat party? A hipster dive bar? Happy hour in the financial district? On the Lower East Side with all the bridge and tunnel folk? What place could draw all of these people? The local brewery can, and Brooklyn Brewery does…one of the few places that can make any person feel at home. So the brewery is open 5 or 6pm-11pm on Friday for happy hour, and I went this past weekend (also open Saturday afternoons for brewery tours and beers). I have been on Saturdays several times, but never on a Friday. The brewery is pretty wonderful. When you walk there are brewing vessels directly ahead of you and a larger room to the right with lots more brewing equipment (this is where the tour takes place on Saturdays). To your left you find a little gift shop, and a large room with tables, a bottling line for the Brooklyn Local 1 (this is the only beer actually bottled at the brewery in Brooklyn. The rest are done in Utica, NY), and a bar with eight delicious taps!

The little gift shop is where you buy tokens, each good for one 12oz draft beer (these tokens are $4 each or six for $20). They also sale bottles of the Brooklyn Local 1 for $10 (25oz). In my opinion six good beers for $20 is a great deal, and I don’t think I have been as drunk as I was on Friday in a longtime.

Leah got to the brewery first, probably a little before 6pm, and was luckily able to grab the last table with no one sitting at. I arrived shortly after her. We both got beers, and held down the fort at our table. We got asked if we were saving seats, and even got some mean looks, but in the end our crew showed up and we had a table full of people.

This can be a really fun place if you get there early enough to carve out a spot for yourself. I imagine that it isn’t as fun if you come in at 9 or 10pm and expect to find a table. This is one place in NYC that it is ok to roll deep(bring lots of friends)…it’s more fun that way. Oh and if you get hungry they let you order food in! Or maybe a place to meet new people because if you don’t have enough people to fill the whole table you probably will end up making new friends.

Beer wise they had the normal Brooklyn Lager, Pilsner, IPA, Brown, and Weisse…but also had the seasonal Winter Ale, and two of the Brewmaster’s Reserve: Bright Golding(not recommended) and the Extra Brune, style-wise it is a Flanders Oud Bruin. This is kinda a random style, and I was really happy to see it. Taste wise it is a variation on a Belgian Brown Ale. This particular one was a little bit sour (lactate yeast possibly), slightly sweet, very fruity, with a caramel backbone….extremely well rounded…everyone at my table seemed to enjoy it (Delicious! Way to go Garrett Oliver!). And now looking at Brooklyn’s website I realize that the Extra Brune is 8.5% ABV…thats why I got so drunk!

Although it has it’s downsides the Brewery is a great way to spend a Friday night. And remember to tip your bartender! I managed to get a double buy back (which doesn’t happen too often!)

Beer wise there is always something interesting, and I know I will be back soon because I still had a couple beer tokens in my pocket when I left.

Photo Credits: Tasting Room & Brewery from outside: (Wallyg’s Flickr)
Brewing Vessels: (NancyCZ’s Flickr) Brooklyn Brewery Cat sleeping on malts: (Atommoore’s Flickr)

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