The Kati Roll Company

The Kati Roll Company
99 Macdougal St
New York 10012

So we showed up to the Kati Roll Company at about 12:30 in the afternoon this past Saturday (I was with KLK, Anoop, and Kate), and we walked right up to the counter. There was no one in the restaurant which was kinda weird, but we quickly found out why. They apparently weren’t open yet? Yes, it was 12:30 and we were at a prime lunch spot, and they told us they were not opening for another half an hour.

We walked down the street, and everyone but me got a falafel as an appetizer. Then we grabbed some coffee/tea. We headed back to the Kati Roll Company at about five minutes til 1pm, and there was already a line to the door, and some people had already been served. This was kinda lame, being that they told us to come back later. But we really wanted Kati Rolls (I have been craving them for a couple weeks), and luckily were able to get a seat in the tiny restaurant.

For those who don’t know what a Kati Roll (or Roti Roll) is…it is basically an Indian version of a burrito. The fillings vary from spicy potatos to cheese to veggies to meats, or any combination of them. The wrapping around the outside is most likely made of flour, and reminds me of a thinner version of naan.

I ordered two rolls. One of the Aloo Masala (spicy potatos), and one of the Achari Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese marinated in spicy pickle). I asked for both spicy! Both of my rolls were delicious, filling, and very spicy. It all depends on the spice for me, but these tasty bites left my mouth on fire for a while after I finished (and the fact that I was drinking coffee didn’t help too much). I can’t really say that liked either of my rolls particularly better than the other. They were a bit greasier than I would have liked, but still completely satisfying none the less, and I am still craving more.

As far as selection: they have about 8 different rolls, 3 or four of them being vegetarian, but I feel that Bombay Frankie-Roti Roll (up near Columbia University) has more options for the non-meat eater (more veggie options including tofu and mushroom, peas, and cauliflower fillings). Also if I recall correctly Bombay Frankie was significantly less greasy.

I enjoyed Kati Roll Company, and most likely will go back, but will probably make a stop at Bombay Frankie-Roti Roll (look for a review hopefully in the near future) before my next visit to the Kati Roll (so I can more accurately compare). I have also read of a Kati Roll street vendor in Mid-Town that I plan on trying to locate.

(visited on February 23rd, 2008)

Photo Credits:
Kati Roll Company- (11:45am’s flickr)
Kati Roll- (TokyoHanna’s flickr)

3 Responses to “The Kati Roll Company”

  1. do they have indian pizza in nyc? i think you’d really like it. This is the place I love here:

  2. Cat, I don’t think that we have that in NYC. I did some googing, and nothing came up…looks tasty though.

  3. Kati Roll is among my Midtown luncheries, and one that I visit at least once every two weeks. Admittedly I go there when I don’t have much work to do in the afternoon, as I am left nearly catatonic after two aloo masala rolls. My eyes don’t really focus on the computer screen again until about 3:30, blurring out due to all the grease and carbs. Take this either as an endorsement or a critique of their offerings.

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