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I’m sure that some people will disagree with me, but I really feel that Nolita is lacking unpretentious, yuppie-free happy hour bars. Well, there is one exception: Botanica. This is a regular after work haunt for fellow knobbers of Nanz and me. We usually all pile in at our regular table – on the right, past the bar, across from the bathrooms. We even have assigned seats, it’s sick, I know. Botanica has a perfect location for any sort of meet up. It’s within five blocks of the B, D, F, V, N, R, and 6 trains.

Happy hour drink specials are a really good deal. All well drinks are $3 and draft beers are $1 to $1.50 off. I usually have a couple of vodka sodas, or a couple of beers, and then a shot of Makers Mark or tequila thrown in for good measure. My tab is rarely over $20. I may be divulging too much about my drinking habits, but it’s all for the sake of a good blog post. Thomas says:


Liquor reps love this place, too. In the last two months, there have been reps for Dewars, Jack Daniels, and Stella/Budweiser, all giving away full-size samples of their wares.

Also, as a former bartender, it’s important for me to have personable drink slingers at my spots. Mark, the owner, tends bar frequently. He remembers most of our names, and our usual drinks. He remembers our drinks so well, that we often won’t order something different, even if we want to. We wouldn’t want to make Mark feel bad. Mark’s wife, Jessica, also tends bar. She’s super nice and is always smiling. Dave has a heavy hand and he’s not bad to look at.

As for the atmosphere, it’s just your typical divey type bar. There are plenty of comfortable (and not so comfortable) seats. There are a couple of ratty couches and a back room with a stage of sorts (although I’ve never seen a band play). Most nights, there is a dj that plays good background music, usually indie rock…lots of MIA.

There is really only one thing that I can complain about, and that is that sometimes Botanica smells bad. Granted, as I have already mentioned, my group always chooses to sit right next to the bathroom.

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Milka M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes Candy Bar

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Cow (Ma1974’s Flickr)  Candy (official website) Milka M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes Candy Bar
(Kraft Foods Europe)
Candy Review:

So Milka M-Joy with Peanuts and Flakes was a candy bar I picked up at the Garden Gourmet up in the Bronx. While an obscure looking candy bar…. I found that it is a Kraft Foods product produced in Europe, and I think specifically Germany. The bar claims to be Alpine Milk Chocolate, but I am not quite sure what that is supposed to mean…a google search didn’t bring me any conclusive results.

My first experience with the corn flake candy bar was with a Ritter Sport with Cornflakes that Leah had bought to share. The Ritter bar really surprised me, because I had never thought of putting the corn flakes into chocolate before and this is what made me purchase the M-Joy.

Overall the chocolate was dense, rich, and creamy, and the bar itself was thicker and of a better quality than most of your typical American candy bars (think a slightly better version of Mr. Goodbar). So I like peanuts and the flakes, but together I felt that they just kind of canceled each other out. As you know a peanut has a very distinctive taste, and the corn flake is very subtle. I almost felt that the peanuts were too overpowering to be in the same bar with the flakes in respect to both taste and texture. The texture of the flake is very delicate where as with the peanut is big (for a candy bar) and crunchy.

Don’t get me wrong…The Milka M-Joy was a tasty snack, but when it comes down to it the Ritter Sport Cornflakes bar I felt was just a better piece of candy. With the M-Joy the unique ingredient of the cornflake is just lost.


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