Khao Sarn

Khao Sarn
311 Bedford Ave. (at South 2nd)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

So it has been really hard for me to find good Thai food in the city, and one would think that this should be an easy task (but unfortunately it is not). I know that I really need to make the trip out to Queens where there is supposedly the best ethnic food in the city, but honestly I don’t make it out to Queens that much, and Manhattan and Brooklyn end up being much more convenient. My standard for Thai is Pukk in the East Village. Pukk is all vegetarian, which works out great for me, but it is nice to have an option for Thai that serves meat (after all some people are opposed to all veg restaurants).

I find myself venturing south in Williamsburg more often lately, and the main draw has been Wells Ales and Lagers (which I think has recently changed it’s name to Lenora’s Way). Also there are a couple record stores on the way which also makes me happy. I recently discovered that there is a punk rock record store on Grand called Passout Records. We tried to go there before dinner, but for some reason they were closed at 7:45 on a Saturday night (I know WTF?). Khao Sarn is located just a couple doors down from Wells, and is a really reasonably priced Thai restaurant.

Khao Sarn is decent size with lots of tables, and it was not very crowded for a Saturday night (normally I find this a little weird, but it seems to be normal for this part of the neighborhood, and I consider that a good thing). The walls are painted kinda crazy with psychedelic art , tables have a bench with pillows on one side and wierd swivel chairs on the other. The ambiance would have been great, but like most Thai restaurants the music was a little strange…it seemed a radio station or Pandora or something. Nirvana got played a couple of times as well as some other random stuff (I guess this is better than the techno of Pukk).

This place has really great prices and extremely fast service (we had our food in like fifteen minutes)! I ordered Drunken Noodles (my favorite), and with veggie duck it was only $8. The portions were really big too (good for the night of drinking that was instore for me). One complaint was that I could have used a little more veggies with my noodles, but it was totally delicious (I guess veggies are more expensive, so this would go hand in hand with the really reasonable prices). Next time I go I need to remember to ask for my dish extra spicy, but they had a nice hot sauce that they brought to the table. I really love broad rice noodle dishes, and Khao Sarn had more than most places(KLK got a garlic sauce dish with the broad noodles, also wonderful), and this means that maybe I will venture away from the Drunken Noodles.

Another nice thing about this places is that their alcohol is really reasonably priced. All of their beers were only $3.50, and they even had some Brooklyn beers (It’s hard to find any domestic micros at Asian restaurants). I definitely want to go back, and writing this review is making me hungry.

(visited on March 8th, 2008)



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