choward’s scented gum

I should preface this review by saying that, in general, I am not a big gum person. I think it’s pretty gross when people smack it real loud with their mouths open, and I don’t like the taste of most gums, and it’s kind of expensive, and I’m sensitive to that aspartame crap that they put in most gums today. Tom used to be a big gum chewer when we first started dating, so I guess I chewed a little bit then (maybe for fresh kissing-breath after all of those vanilla soy lattes we were drinking – HA!). But, I never buy gum. UNTIL NOW!!

I saw this gum at my pharmacist, which is right around the corner from our building. It’s the best pharmacy I’ve ever used, and one of the reasons why I love my neighborhood. When I went in for the first time, the pharmacist himself came out from behind the counter to shake my hand and tell me how nice it was to meet me. I tell you what – I will NEVER go to a Rite Aid or Duane Reade or Eckerd or whatever after this great experience. They even have our toothpaste at a reasonable price, which is kind of hard to find in Inwood.

Choward’s Scented Gum initially looked interesting to me kind of from an aesthetic standpoint. I really liked the little purple cardboard box, and the writing on it and the weird name and everything. It looks really old-school, which always appeals to me. And here it was up at the counter of my little independently owned pharmacy (“the corner druggist”), so I was pretty sold from the beginning. Also, since when is gum called “scented?” The outside of the box says, “FRAGRANCE THAT REFRESHES.” Yum! But, shouldn’t it say “FLAVOR THAT REFRESHES?” It’s weird to think of something that you eat having a scent. Needless to say, I was intrigued. I finally bought it during my third visit to the pharmacy, and popped a piece immediately after going outside.

The flavor was so surprising! It has kind of a clove-y, herbal, not really minty flavor. There’s a little bit of cinnamon in there in the beginning, but that fades pretty quickly. Most of the flavor fades pretty quickly, actually, but in a very pleasant way. The gum is very small, so you aren’t forced to smack it around loudly with your mouth open like most people do with gum (totes annoying!). The aftertaste is perhaps the most surprising part….patchouli. Yes, patchouli. I must say I have a sweet spot inside for patchouli-scented things because of my hippie days in college. It smells delicious and earthy. I actually enjoy having that flavor in my mouth! Weird, right?

Choward’s gum is kind of expensive at the drugstore, at $0.79/pack. One pack contains eight pieces. I am seriously considering buying a case directly from the company, at only $13.50 for 24 packs, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Less than $0.60 a pack! Sounds like a great graduation gift to me…..

love, klk.


One Response to “choward’s scented gum”

  1. I returned from Blowing Rock N.C. just a couple of weeks ago, whhile there I bought my first and must say last pkg of Chowards gum. I just remembered it today, so I gave it a try, WOW…. what a surprise. I could not figure out the flavor so I googled it and came up with your explanation. I really LOVE the smell of patchouli myself but ….I guess just not the taste :)

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