Ritter Sport Cappuccino (Germany)

So my adventures into European candy continues. After the last two being totally disappointing I figured I would go with a company that I tend to trust, Ritter Sport. I haven’t had too many candies by these people but the one or two others that I have tried are tastie, and the Cappuccino bar turned out to be the same.

So the Ritter Sport Bars are all square with smaller squares carved out within the bar (think of how Hershey’s bars are, but with squares). I have had the RS with Corn Flakes before, and didn’t really know what to expect with the cappuccino. The corn flakes are easy, they are just dispersed through out the bar as a peanut or almond would be, but the cappuccino was much different. While the bar is divided into smaller squares, each is not filled with cappuccino flavor, rather the cappuccino is is a full layer throughout the bar.

When you break the bar, the pieces don’t break clean…rather the milk chocolate breaks in chards around the cappuccino filling. The bar itself is extremely creamy, and while not 100% natural (some artificial flavors…which I guess is my only complaint about the bar), still very convincing with the coffee flavor (some can taste fake, but this one does a pretty good job pulling off real coffee). I guess the closest thing that I can think of that this bar reminds me of is Ben and Jerry’s Coffee ice cream. While it is a candy bar it possesses the creaminess of the ice cream. The flavor is extremely intense, and I find that I can only handle one or two of the small squares at a time, but they leave me very satisfied.

(Photos from Chocablog)


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