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Quinoa Gold: Dark Berry (a beverage by the Newport Quinoa Company)

Posted in food, Tom with tags , , , on May 15, 2008 by criticalreviews

I am typically a fan of health food drinks (Kombucha, fruit smoothies of the Bolthouse Farms and Naked varieties, and even some of the more bizarre ones that I can’t think of right now), and I also really like quinoa as a food (probably my favorite grain). Quinoa Gold Dark Berry is organic, which is awesome, and said to help sustain hunger. I was about to get on a plane and figured that it couldn’t hurt.

I chose the Dark Berry flavor because it was the most appetizing of the three(the others were Mango Passion and Pina Colada), but it was a mistake.

I have never had a quinoa beverage before, but it is a really interesting concept. This beverage was about the consistency of a fruit smoothy; thick viscous liquid with visible quinoa in the drink. The presence of the whole quinoa grains texture wise creates small little chunks or beads (like bubble tea) as they go down your throat. While this drink is 100% Organic it has a surprisingly medicine like taste. If you remember when you were little that weird pink anti-biotic that you were given every time you didn’t feel good (well, that was the case for me)? This tastes like that, but a really awful version of it (I liked the pink medicine). The berry flavor, I say flavor because there is no actual berry in the drink, is extremely fake, and it is just sickening sweetness…there was nothing tart about it (like a berry should be). The quinoa adds a grainy flavor that helps distract from the gross berry concoction, but not enough to make me ever drink one again.

I’m all for health food drinks, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. It was unique, but not in a good way. It was hard to stomach, and I found myself drinking it, not because I liked it, but because it was so expensive and I thought it would be a waste not too.

Purchase and drink at your own risk.