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Death By Audio invaded by Foot Village. “Friendship Nation” established on May 12th in Brooklyn.

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Foot Village played Death By Audio a couple weeks ago (accompanied by Mincemeat and Aa, but I am going to focus on Foot Village bacause as far as I’m concerned they totes stole the show), and I was lucky enough to make it to the show despite traveling all day (long flight from South Carolina, straight to a noise show…exactly why I love this city).

Foot Village is a four piece from Los Angeles, and they blessed Brooklyn with their presence on May 12th. One of the members is Josh Taylor of Friends Forever (for more about Friends Forever watch the documentary), who I love but I didn’t know he was in the band until the day of the show. Foot Village set up in the middle of Death By Audio rather than on the stage. Their set up consisted of two full drum kits facing each other, and several toms and various other drums set up in between the kits creating an X formation. the four members were situated facing each other. Foot Village plays completely unamplified except for a Bull Horn which helps get a single persons voice over the loud thunder of the drums.

Their performance was really intense, and the drums and the chanting give them a tribal vibe while still being very experimental and noisy at the same time. When the four members sing/chant/scream in unison there is even a pop element, and while it wouldn’t go over in your typical mainstream fashion, I could see Foot Village gaining a slightly larger fanbase from some noisier acts out there (fans of old Animal Collective, ect.).

The band even joked introducing themselves by saying “Hi, we’re No Age.” It does feel like a barrage of LA bands have been hitting NYC lately (Health, Abe Vigoda, No Age, among others)…Foot Village is the most experimental of the crew, and seeing them really put me in the mood for No Fun Fest the following weekend. Although Foot Village isn’t your typical noise act, they definitely fall under that category, or experimental music best.

Foot Village give the vibe that they are just there to have fun, and it truely was. Turns were taken on the bull horn, and each member took breaks from drumming duties to dance and sing.

After Foot Village played Aa took the stage. While I can appreciate their music, I was still in awe from the Village so I wondered back to the merch table to pick up some Foot Village records.

Brian, one of the members, was working the table. I don’t know what it is, but I have found it common for merch people in New York to be less friendly than other places, but Brian proved me wrong. He truely was genuinely nice, and very talkative. He talked to me about their records (I picked up Friendship Nation, and a 7″ where Foot Village covers Alec Empires remix/cover of Bjork’s “Bachelorette”…I know how about that for a cover song). We talked about the South, and Brian even knew some people from Charleston, SC (I guess they played with Puke Attack before before out west). Overall talking to Brian was the icing on the cake of a great show. I wish these guys alot of luck…they have a great live performance, and lots of positive energy…come back to New York soon!


Foot Village live at the Opera House:

Part 1

Part 2

Listen to Foot Village at their Myspace

Photos of the show are from the CMJ Blog

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