Jeffrey Lewis and Herman Dune @ Union Pool, June 25th

Last March, I spent about a week in Paris. A good friend suggested that we check out Stanley Brinks at Mains d’Oeuvre. This was my introduction to Andre Herman Dune. Stanley Brinks (aka andre herman dune) left the band Herman Dune in 2006. According to cosmozebra , it was because he was ridiculously shy of being in the public eye, and Herman Dune had some scheduled TV appearances. I’ve heard different stories, including that he was against having Herman Dune’s music appear in commercials. I’m not quite sure what to believe. Anyway, seeing Stanley Brinks was amazing, so when I heard that Herman Dune was playing Union Pool, I had to get over there. Once Jeffrey Lewis was added to the line-up, it was easy to enlist Tom and KLK to join. Luckily, we purchased our tickets in advance. I haven’t gone to Union Pool very many times, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a packed house. The spacious back patio was full of people trying to get into the sold out show. It was a little bit unorganized, but we got in the door unscathed.

I admittedly don’t know much about Jeffrey Lewis, except that he has done some collaborating with Kimya Dawson . But, I must say that I truly enjoyed the part of his performance that I witnessed. He was about 2/3 of the way into his set and the room was packed to the brim. Somehow we managed to push our way up to the front just in time to catch ‘The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song,’ which is all about Jeffrey meeting a girl at a bar because he recognized that she is talking about the Leonard Cohen song, Chelsea Hotel#2, in which Cohen gets, ‘blowjobs on unmade beds.’  Another song that I really enjoyed was about the history of communism in China. It spanned Chinese History from the dynastic periods to the cultural revolution and Chairman Mao. Jeffrey turned the pages of a comic book that he had illustrated to go along with his lyrics. It was fun and informative.

Herman Dune followed Jeffrey Lewis. Herman Dune has a tendency to play shows with a collection of friends and locals. Neman Herman Dune (drummer and back-up vocals) and David Herman Dune (singer and guitarist) were joined on stage by Angela Carlucci of the band the Baby Skins and also a trio of brass instrumentalists that I recognized as the backing band for Beirut. I recognized a gang of songs from the album, Not On Top.  Also, HD played quite a few songs of of their newer album, Giant.  Everything sounded great, and the band seemed to be having a lot of fun and getting a great response from the crowd.  It did make me sad that I didn’t hear my favorite Herman Dune song, My Friends Kill My Folks, but I’ll live.


p.s. sorry for the delay!

Here’s the inspiration for the Chelsea Hotel song:

2 Responses to “Jeffrey Lewis and Herman Dune @ Union Pool, June 25th”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve read your Stanley Brinks/Jeffrey Lewis post. My “AHD goes happy post” is not to be taken for granted. It was a sarcastic twist of reality.
    I don’t know why AHD left Herman Düne. Nobody knows. I’ve asked many persons about it. It’s bound to be a secret. Stanley Brinks said he preferred to watch HD (than to be seen?) but he continues to make records and shows as well. Ambiguity? Yes, for sure. All I can say is that the last HD record (Giant) was showing a growing artistic gap between the 2 brothers. I’m still in touch with Stan’s work. That won’t forbid me to buy the next Herman Düne LP.

  2. hi hi –

    Just read this, just discovered your blog…

    André supposedly left the group because he vetoed the decision for a Herman Dune song (Little Architect) to be featured on a France Telecom commercial in 2006.

    As for Jeffrey Lewis, his “as i wandered” performance is available here:,1858
    and check out the other “concerts to go”… leah, you’ll love this site.

    Oh and you will also love the following song+video: Arthur H, Dancing With Madonna. Look it up.

    Voilà! xoxo

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