Charlie McAlister is in NYC this week!

One of Charleston, South Carolina’s musical heros will be in NYC this week! Charlie McAlister will be playing at the Stone, in the East Village, this Friday, August 8th! He is doing two performances at 8pm and 10pm.

If you are not familiar with Charlie you can read my review of his album Mississippi Luau here!

Artist and musician, Kevin Earl Taylor, also originally from Charleston, will be in the City to play with Charlie at these performances.

This should be a treat for all in attendance, and I high recommend checking it out (I know I will be there!).

This show, along with all shows at the Stone in August, are curated by Trevor Dunn and Shelly Burgon.



Photo by Wolfie Whitman (via flickr)

2 Responses to “Charlie McAlister is in NYC this week!”

  1. I forgot to ask how this was. I’ve seen Charlie a few times recently and I’m happy to have the Sardine Mag-O-Zine back in stock. He promises there will be a new issue soon.
    I don’t know if image posting will work, but here is a photo from our recent art opening:

  2. I guess it didn’t work. Google “52.5 Gig! Svetlana” and it should be the first listing.

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