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Bear Naked “Native” Granola: Mango, Agave, and Almonds

Posted in food, Tom with tags , , , on May 8, 2008 by criticalreviews

My typical, and favorite, breakfast is granola, plain yogurt, and honey. Now some people may think that granola is granola, but let me tell you there is a big difference between expensive granola and really expensive granola. I usually buy Pumpkin Spice Granola from Fairway (the Fairway brand), and occasionally the Whole Foods brand prepackaged stuff (beware the Banana Nut flavor from Whole Foods is awful). I needed to get cash before a show and also needed breakfast for the next day so I went into Whole Foods on the Bowery and Bear Naked was on Sale! It was a dollar off so it was $4.99 for about 12oz instead of $5.99…yeah, I know still pretty expensive.

I haven’t written about granola before, but this stuff really blew my socks off. The difference between expensive and really expensive is usually the the quality and texture. This granola, while all small pieces no big chunks, has a big crunch and very delicate and wonderful flavors.

The base of the granola is your typical oats/grains/ect…lightly sweetened with agave, and also a hint of cinnamon to the taste. Agave is a really expensive ingredient…similar to honey except a little thinner, and it is derived from the cactus. It also has a slight citrus taste (you really can’t taste this in the granola).

Lots of dried mango pieces through out the mix. This is something that I probably would have hated about a year ago, but since buying this granola I have since become a big fan of Mango! It truly adds an interesting twist on dried fruit in a granola, and is part of the unique flavor.

The best part about this granola is the almonds. They are not just any almonds either. You know those “Hot Nuts” that you can buy on the streets in NYC…they are like those, but not hot and better. These almonds were roasted in agave! They have a candy like agave sweet crust around them…they are crunchy and delicious! I wish I could find a “Hot Nuts” cart that made these almonds…I would eat them all the time.

I really enjoyed this granola (both by itself or with yogurt…it is so delicious that honey is not necessary), and if it wasn’t so expensive I would buy it all of the time…but I just can’t afford it. It is one of those gourmet delicacies that I will purchase when on sale, but I just can’t imagine paying over $6 a pound for granola all the time (no matter how good). I hope this sale lasts forever (but I know it won’t).

This is definitely the best granola I have ever eaten, and it has encouraged me to try many other varieties from Bear Naked…as long as they are on sale of course.

*please note: While I am 100% sure that I ate “Bear Naked “Native” Granola: Mango, Agave, and Almonds” I cannot find it’s existance anywhere on the internet. It might be a new product, but if you see it and can afford it check it out…you will love it.