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Butternuts Beer and Ale Mixed 12 Pack

Posted in alcohol, beer, Tom with tags , , , , on July 2, 2008 by criticalreviews

Since moving from upper Manhattan I have been struggling to find reasonably priced beer for around the house (so I now realize that Inwood really does have the cheapest alcohol in the city). I’m not super picky as long as it is craft beer, and when I was at Whole Foods at Union Square and the Butternuts Mixed 12 Pack scanned at $12.99 it was a no brainer. Honestly I’m pretty sure that this was a mistake…I had seen it for as high as $17.99 or $18.99 at Whole Foods on the Bowery, and I was happy to take up the miss pricing.

Butternuts Brewery is a craft brewery in Garrattsville, New York. Butternuts beers are farmhouse ales, and their slogan is “Common Men brew Approachable Beers.” Which is a really respectable thing to do in this day and age of Imperial/High Alcohol brews that are coming from most American brewers. Butternuts stays pretty true to their word producing four really sessionable beers, at, at least what I paid, affordable prices.

Four beers come in the 12 pack: Pork Slap Pale Ale, Snapperhead IPA, Moo Thunder Milk Stout, and Heinnieweisse. Two common threads run through all of these beers, and that is light for the style and low in carbonation. Neither of these things is are bad, but I have a few more notes:

Pork Slap is a standard pale ale a bit on the English side of the style with the hops more subtle than most American Pales. Amber in color with grassy plant like hops. Quite sessionable, and easy drinking.

Snapper Head is an IPA, or almost more like an American Pale Ale…also amber in color. The hops are more aggressive than Pork Slap, and actually quite fruity (both in smell and taste getting big citrus and hints of tropical fruits). And I think my personal favorite of the bunch.

The Heinnieweisse is a light easy drinking wheat. To me not quite as sweet as other wheat beers, and 1000 times more drinkable than Hoegaarden. I have to say that this is only the second wheat beer that I have enjoyed this summer (and I have tried quite a few), and highly recommend it. The most carbonated of the bunch.

Moo Thunder, only my second canned stout ever, is smooth and black. As far as stouts go it is a milk stout, and true to style. Sweet with milk sugars, and easy to drink. Fans of sweeter stouts, such as Guinness or other Lacto Stouts, will probably enjoy this one. Light bitter chocolate finish.

As far as Butternuts goes their beers are not quite to the quality of Stone or Dogfish Head, but they are not trying to be (but way better than the pseudo import InBev products like Stella, Hoegaarden, and even the pseudo craft beers like Blue Moon). They state on their website “No Pretentious Eight Dollar Bottles,” and once again true to their word. I don’t know if I would pay the $18.99 price tag for the 12 pack, but for anything under $15 this is a great deal and very good too. Props to Butternuts for making affordable, tasty, quality beer that can be drank in quantity. If you find it try it! And if nothing else check out their website…it is super cute.