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Tullycraft @ Cake Shop. Saturday June 14, 2008. Free Afternoon Show!

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Because we bought Teenage Jesus & the Jerks tickets we unfortunately missed out on the twee legends at Pianos, but luckily Tullycraft played a second (free) show at Cake Shop the next afternoon. This was my first time seeing a show in the coffee shop/record store space of Cake Shop.

We got to the show about an hour before Tullycraft was set to preform. The record store was closed up, and packed away tightly so that there was room for the band, and the bar was closed. This was a little bit of a bummer, because I always want to record shop, and I really wanted an afternoon beer…but we grab some iced coffee and tea and grabbed a table right by the little stage. We were actually there before the band was, and got to watch a little twee reunion as Tullycrafts’ friends all showed up to the Cake Shop.

The show was set to start at 2pm, but the space didn’t get really crowded until about 1:55…We were really lucky that we got to the space so early because instead of being behind a huge crowd we just stood on our chairs and had a great view of the band.

Tullycraft played from their entire catalog, and was really fun and full of energy (as you would expect). A funny story was told of how one of the guys fell into one of those metal grates on the sidewalk that leads into a stores basement the night before, and although the stage was cramped they made room for him to take a seat…and a funny musical interlude while strings were being changed. This is just one of those bands that gives a super positive vibe. It was a blast, and I’m really glad these twee popsters made it to the east coast again after such a long time. The one thing that didn’t happen was “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend is too Stupid to know about” was not played (but I understand…there are some songs that bands just need to move on from). One odd thing was that their bass only had two stings, but I guess this is just their style. The show was super fun, and Tullycraft played for almost an hour (pretty sweet for a free show).

Every time I go to Cake Shop for a show I wonder why I don’t hang out there more often.

All in all it is just what I needed after getting into that Los Campesinos album.

Listen to Tullycraft:

“Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About” off of Old Traditions, New Standards

“The Punks are writing Love Songs” off of Every Scene Needs a Center

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The Glorytellers @ Cake Shop. Tuesday March 25th, 2008.

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So I have been a Karate fan for a really long time (I got to see them once a long time ago at MacRock, but I have become an even bigger fan in recent years)…and when I saw that Geoff Farina was playing several small New York shows I knew I had to go. I have been kicking myself for not going to see him play solo at the Knitting Factory’s Old Office at the end of last month, and when I realized that the Glorytellers were playing Cake Shop this past Tuesday I knew I had to go.

So this Tuesday was a night out alone for me…I haven’t been to a show by myself in a while, and honestly I didn’t think that I would go to this one alone, but I don’t have any friends in NYC that would be willing to pay $10 to see Farina. The night was really refreshing for me…I got to Cake Shop (and by the way this is one of my favorite places to see a band in Manhattan) and browsed some records, waited for the doors to the basement to open, got a beer, read some Philip K. Dick, and then finally watched the Glorytellers. Actually the Glorytellers were the opening act…Ida was headlining, but I really never listened to them, and after seeing Farina’s new band I didn’t feel like watching anyone else play.

Cake Shop filled up slowly at first… Glorytellers were scheduled to go on at 9pm, but didn’t actually start until about 9:30. I was standing right up front (I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else when I am at a show by myself), with Geoff Farina right in front of me. I forgot how tall he was, his head almost touched the celling, and was brushing against the X-Mas lights that line the top of the Cake Shop. Going into this show I had only heard a few tracks off the record and I was a little skeptical. I’ll be honest with you, I was highly caffeinated and very happy to be so. Glorytellers make very calm acoustic rock (roughly more blues based than jazz), but at the same time extremely complex and technical. I might have found myself falling asleep if it wasn’t for the caffeine because of how soothing I find their music. Farina plays acoustic guitar, and I typically don’t see very many complex acoustic musicians (I tend to be drawn to more straight up folksy stuff), but Farina plays using finger picks on each finger. I am not a guitarist, but I couldn’t help but stair at his fingers, and the wonderful sounds that he made come out of his guitar. This man is totally amazing, and I will try to see him play as many times as possible from now on. He was backed by and electric guitar and drums. I would attempt to name these musicians, but I cannot. From the research I did it appears that the guitarist and drummer in the touring band will be changing, but at any point the band can consist of former and current memebers of Karate, Cul De Sac, Him, Mice Parade, and Ida. The backing guitar really brings to mind Karate, and if it was the main focus I could almost imagine Glorytellers just being a Karate reincarnation, but the fact that Farina takes up the acoustic really makes the differance. The drummer to me, was literally backing instrumentation. While it contributed to the show it was really just providing a back drop for Farina’s finger picking.

I have admired Farina and a musician since Bed is in the Ocean, and got a great preformance from the Glorytellers. I picked up the LP, and think it is wonderful music but specifically for late at night or extremely early in the morning.

Overall Tuesday was one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had by myself in a very long time. I can thank Farina and his band for making it possible.

Listen to the Glorytellers here!