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Kids in the Hall @ The Nokia Theatre. Saturday April 20th, 2008. 10:30pm Preformance.

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We had know about these performances for quite a while, but it was hard to commit to the high (but surely worth it) ticket price in advance. We saw on BV Saturday morning that tickets were still available, and after conversing with Leah we all bought tickets. There were tickets available for the three remaining performances, but we opted for the 10:30 Saturday show…in hopes that the Kids would be rowdier than the earlier one.

The Nokia Theater is a weird place. When I typically think of stadiums or theaters that are sponsored by a company it is just that…a sponsorship where the name is on the building (and maybe advertising here or there), but I have never seen anything like this before. When you walk into the lobby of the theater you walk into a shrine of the Nokia phone. The walls had shadow boxes, you know like in the Natural History Museum where they have thick plastic in front of stuffed animals, it was the same but there were phones instead of animals. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. This was throughout the entire venue (when you walk in, by the bars, and by the restrooms), everywhere except where the performance was (thankfully).

I have never seen the Kids live before, but klk and I did get to see Mark McKinney do a one man play…it was called Fully Committed, and we saw him do it in Vancouver. The play was really wonderful, and extremely funny…I would pay to see any of the five of them preform, but I’m positive that nothing is like seeing them together.

The Kids came on right at 10:30 (maybe 10:40 but it was pretty close), and the performance was great. I would have been really sad if for some reason they didn’t meet my expectations (or if I had not went to the show at all). I had always thought that there was no way that they could be bad live….and I was right.

If going to see the show in another city you might stop reading here. I am not going to be explicit in giving away exactly what happened, just brief descriptions of some of the sketches.

They performed for over an hour and a half, and were just as funny and much dirtier than they were on the show. Classic skits were preformed including: Buddy Cole talking about Jesus, the chicken lady, the salesmen, and ending the show (an encore) with Mr. Tyzik, the head crusher, killing some members of the crowd and all of the Kids….the reason for the killings were the questionable acting choices that they made after the departure of Kids in the Hall (hilarious). Other skits included opening with the Kids talking about raping Kevin, drama between two gay couples, an evil baby, and Superdrunk, a super hero, among others.

They were in top form, and I would have loved to see them more than once…even if their set is the same each time. I don’t want to too say too much, but it was awesome! I’ll leave you with the introduction to the first skit:

and a you can watch a new skit on their myspace!

Photo from the NY Times