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North Fork Potato Chips: Cheddar Onion

Posted in food, Tom with tags , , , , on May 13, 2008 by criticalreviews
North Fork Potato Chip
Martin Sidor Farms, Mattituck
Long Island, New YorK

North Fork Potato Chips are grown and made at Martin Sidor Farms on Long Island, and they seem to be going things right. The company even has their green inititative posted right on their website:

Martin Sidor Farms and North Fork Potato Chips are dedicated to preserving the environment.

The Sidors run much of their farm equipment with biodiesel created from the byproducts of the chip-making process. Biodiesel is a domestic renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils like sunflower oil.

For more information on biodiesel visit,

I really get satisfaction out of something that is as local as North Fork is, doing things in an environmentally friendly way, and is truly making one of the best kettle chips I have ever tasted.

The Cheddar and Onion chip is your classic kettle chip. Thick, crispy, a little oily, and delicious. I really like the Kettle Chip brand, but overall I find that their chips no matter the flavor have the almost the same taste. The taste of the kettle out ways the flavor of the chip. With North Fork you still had that signature kettle flavor, but the it did not take away from the the cheddar. The cheddar was bold, and wonderful…like the Cheddar Beer chips from Kettle Chip, but better…and the onion was very subtle and in the back ground. Together making a really savory chip, it reminds me of Cotswold cheese with a little less onion. A great company making great chips.

I haven’t tried any of the other flavors yet, but there are quite a few listed on the website and their Sweet Potato chips are supposed to be the best. They were expensive, but I did buy them at the airport (which explains the price), but I do know that they are available at Whole Foods (probably much cheaper than they were at the air port)